Virtual Workshops

Our team have developed a robust suite of digital tools to allow us to deliver best-in-class innovation services to clients remotely. This allows us to offer all our services in a completely digital format removing any barrier in geography or logistics.

About the service

Thanks to our robust suite of digital innovation tools and services, we can deliver all of our innovation services completely remotely to enable you to innovate regardless of location, restrictions or resources. Leveraging digital tools also allows us to easily share data and collaborate to make the experience just as immersive as a live, on-location session.

All virtual sessions can be recorded and stored for revisiting or sending to other colleagues later on to get the most value for your investment. This allows your session to become a future training and insight resource for other team members and projects.

All our digital tools are designed to work in any modern browser and across all devices so your team can participate without the need for downloading additional software or changing infrastructure. Many of our digital communication tools also allow for users to dial in via telephone so team members can participate even if they do not have access to a computer or smart device.

Perfect for decentralised teams or remote working colleagues.

Include team members from other locations or with geographic restriction.

Less impact on resources and logistics than physical workshops.

Access digital innovation tools while collaborating with other team members in real time.

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