Edenic group are a team of innovation consultants and behavioural change experts with many years experience developing disruptive thinking and innovation concepts to globally recognised brands.

What we do?

Edenic Group help brands and organisations to be disruptive, embrace digital and think differently. Our team help to develop new products, services and innovations solutions across any sector.

Why use an innovation team?

An external innovation team allows a brand to introduce new thinking and develop new solutions without additional drain on resources or distraction from your core business workflow.

Our experience

Our team have held senior positions in creative agencies, globally recognised brands and R&D teams across many sectors. This wide range of skill sets and knowledge allows us to bring new thinking to our clients.

Our team have worked with:

Our Board
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Edenic Group works with many businesses, worldwide, across multiple sectors including FMCG, Pharmaceutical / Consumer Health, Community, Technology, Food and Beverage, Education and more. In order to provide relevant insight and sector understanding in all of our workshops, we have a portfolio of associate consultants built up over many years in our respective careers, who assist us with delivering insight, knowledge and facilitating our innovation workshops. 

Our consultant list is global and wide-ranging. Below are some of our core associates. We are always open to growing our network and engaging with professionals from any sector.

If you have an interest in being added to our associates' consultant list, please get in touch to discuss.

Robert Lewis

Healthcare, Connected Health, Digital

Jamie Del Grosso

Creative, Concept Development, Digital, Tech

Wayne Willis

Communications, Training, Business Strategy