Disruption Report

The first step to avoiding disruption is to identify factors which can disrupt your business or organisation and understand the risks and effects of these factors. Our team can provide you with a comprehensive report on potential disruptors on an internal, product, industry and global level to enable you to identify and reduce disruption risk to your brand.

About the service

All businesses and organisations are at risk of disruption. In an age in which technology and innovation is being developed at a more rapid rate than ever before and corporate lifespans are shorter, understanding the risks to your business can be the determining factor in brand survival.

Our team of experts can help build disruption resilience by identifying potential disruption factors and using our disruption scoring framework, provide insights on disruption potential, time frames, and probability scores. With this knowledge your brand can prepare for future risk of disruption and leverage the knowledge to become industry disruptors rather than becoming disrupted.

Leveraging potential disruptions to your processes, product, industry or consumers can allow your organisation to develop new revenue streams and provide your consumers with added-value services and products.

Enable your organisation to be disruptive rather than disrupted

Leverage potential disruption factors into new revenue streams and consumer value propositions

Build resilience to potential disruption and increase the corporate lifespan of your organisation

Mitigate future risk to your business or brand and gain a competitive edge with knowledge from innovation and disruption experts

Learn about possible disruption factors for your brand or organisation

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