Innovation Scoping

Our innovation scoping services provide you with trends, disruption factors and new technology stimulus for your teams. Our team of industry experts can identify stimulus and insights that are relevant to your brand profile and industry to ensure your innovation projects are rooted in relevant and accurate research.

About the service

We believe that the foundation of any successful innovation project is well researched, relevant and accurate stimulus and insight. Our team can provide a report of relevant insight and stimulus for your team with details of disruption potential if utilised successfully, success and risk factors and an overall disruption score to help you choose the right insights for your own goals and parameters.

Our team have invested significant time in creating a universal framework for identifying innovation trends, technologies and insights. Our framework is designed to enable you to determine which of these trends best fit your innovation objectives. We used this framework to develop the free-to-access innovation scoping tool MyCodec.Online which is used by innovation consultants to identify stimulus and insight in many different sectors.

We can provide this knowledge in the form of a report for your team or create an enterprise edition MyCodec.Online platform for your business which will provide continual disruption insights updated by our team to enable you to develop a consistent innovation pipeline for your organisation.

Identify trends, insights and new technologies to inform your next innovation project.

Gain external expert knowledge on new concepts and ideas to stay ahead of the curve.

Innovation projects rooted in strong insight and stimulus are more likely to succeed when taken to market.

Look beyond your own industry for innovation stimulus and inspiration.

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