Ideation Sessions

Ideally suited to companies with limited staff resource or available time, our ideation sessions enables us to act as your appointed, external innovation team. We develop innovation concepts around your product, service or company and test viability and commercial pipeline opportunities that are most likely to help you disrupt your market.

About the service

Our innovation ideation sessions are designed to give you the full benefit of developing disruptive thinking for your business, without affecting your day to day business operations. Ideally suited to those companies with a limited staff resource, our ideation service essentially allows us to be your external innovation and R&D team.

Our team of consultants are vastly experienced in delivering innovation across a plethora of sectors and, using our self developed ‘Eve’ methodology, we use this experience to explore your business offering and operations, and discover opportunities for you to disrupt your industry, and develop commercial advantage over your competitors.

For the client, this is an entry level innovation session and the lowest cost option. We run our process on the clients challenge, determined through a consultation meeting. You gain all the benefits of our experience, methodology and creative input, without the demand on your own resource.

Our ideation sessions are designed to leverage three key principles:

Be Disruptive - how can your business disrupt your industry by building in several layers of innovation into your product or service?

Embrace Digital - by using our scopes of thought to focus on specific areas of your business, and provide a framework for thinking and deploying digital and new technology.

Think Differently - exploring your offering and the possibilities available for growth and market disruption from a fresh, external perspective.

Have your own innovation team to discover new opportunities for commercial advantage.

No resource or people required from your business, allowing day to day operations to remain unaffected.

A roadmap of opportunities to take your business forward and future proof you in your sector.

The option of a recurring service that can be leveraged as and when the business requires ideation around a new product or commercial development.

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