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Tailored and personalised training, mentoring and advice that supports you on your innovation journey. We will help you evaluate the best innovation opportunities, understand innovation and how to think differently about your business, work with you to develop new ideas and projects, and support you to think disruptively about your industry.

About the service

The Edenic Group team is made up of consultants with vast experience working with businesses across the globe. Alongside this, we have developed an exceptional network of equally talented and experienced consultants covering mosts sectors, so that we know we can provide valuable insight and support any industry. Our consultancy and training packages enable one or more of our innovation consultants to come and work with your business or project to advise, strategise and educate on direction. It may be you’d like to develop an innovation culture in your business and require process to set this up. You may already have a series of ideas that you’d like insight, direction or feedback on.

You may be an education establishment looking to implement an entrepreneurial message or process into your course, to arm learners with the ability to think disruptively, complementing the technical skills they take from their course of study. Our training packages provide you with the ability to upskill your own team on all things innovation. We can show you how to ideate, test and consistently develop new concepts to keep you ahead of the curve in your sector. This, in turn, enables a spider web of trainees becoming trainers of the next wave of employees and so on

Whatever the support, we can advise and draw up a completely bespoke plan to support you on your innovation journey. What’s most important to recognise is doing nothing will only lead to your business falling behind and being disrupted by someone else. At the very least, have a conversation with us and explore the opportunities available to you.

A tailored, one-on-one advisory service specific to your sector and business needs.

Applicable to businesses, education, creative projects, public sector and any other areas that have a requirement for innovation thinking.

One off project advisory approach or ongoing, on call support, offering mentoring, training and growth solutions in line with your business goals.

Education and knowledge that you can filter to other employees and build an innovation culture.

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