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A 5-step, facilitated innovation session designed to develop quick disruptive ideas and solutions, and test their feasibility to achieve a pipeline of disruptive projects. Our sprint sessions are designed to remove barriers to innovation and find quick solutions that can be immediately delivered by the business.

About the service

Inspired by our Disruption Workshop, but designed to explore innovation opportunities using a quick fire process. Our sprints workshop is a quick 5-step, facilitated innovation session designed to focus on a key challenge and explore opportunities in a fail-fast format.

Traditionally used in the development of software or new technology, the idea of sprints is to device and develop ideas in short, quick bursts, to establish viability without the need for major resource or investment. The 5 step process can be run over one day or series of consecutive days, and uses a series of scopes taken from our self developed ‘Eve’ methodology to explore specific innovation opportunities that are available around a key aspect of your business.

Sprint workshops are often applied to the development of a product or a specific service, but are equally suitable for exploring consumer touch points, business structure or processes or the development of business model.

Often with ideation, so much time is spent conversing and exploring the barriers in an initial concept that the idea is never even given a chance to be explored. Sprints remove these hurdles and enable quick discovery of opportunities without the need for endless deliberation. You have to try concepts quickly and be able to fail fast to find the concepts that are most viable and commercially sound.

The whole concept of our sprint workshop is to take you from an initial brief to a feasibly tested idea in a quick succession. These workshops are completely scalable in terms of how many consultants are used, how many of your team are involved in the process, the number of ideas worked on, external resources brought in, location, etc.

Our sprint sessions follow a 5-step process, which runs in a cycle to discover, explore, ideate and test ideas in quick fire succession:

The Download - Stimulus about the topic. What is it, how does it currently work, what do we need to know?

Ideation - Based on the stimulus, ideas are generated on how to develop, change or complement.

Selection - Of the initial ideas put forward, credible options are short-listed based on feasibility, commercial opportunity and likely demand or acceptance.

Prototyping - Creating a sketch of the idea using basic resources like wire-framing, developing a basic MVP or sketching out a basic format. and test of the idea

Testing - Running a series of tests to establish appetite and commercial viability. This might be consumer research, trial testing a process, surveys, reviews etc. Once you understand how to use sprints, you can apply the concept regularly across departments to quickly ideate and test opportunities.

Quick fire system to ideate and test multiple commercial concepts

Completely scalable to the demands and resources of the business

A legacy methodology that can be applied over and over again to consistently generate new ideas and remain leaders of your sector.

Removes traditional barriers that traditionally block or hinder innovation.

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