BETA Testing Services

Our team have developed a robust testing framework which will identify any bugs or pain points with your idea, as well as providing you with industry benchmarking and disruption potential reports so you can gather all the information you need to launch your product or service with confidence.

About the service

We have invested significant resources into developing a robust suite of BETA testing and benchmarking tools which cover a wide variety of new products, services and ideas. Allowing you to gain insight and areas for improvement before market release.

Our testing suite can be applied to prototypes, concepts or existing projects with equally powerful and comprehensive results. Helping you to identify any barriers to success you may have now or in the future, even if your product is already available on the market.

Our dedicated team at Edenic Labs are experts in understanding the value, potential and risks of a wide variety of project types and referencing this against insights into consumer trends and needs for your market.

Find bugs and potential pain points before market release

Launch your new product or service with confidence

Benchmark your product to identify claims and unique selling points for launch

Discover the disruption potential for your idea

Have a prototype or existing project you would like our teAM to test?

Get in touch.
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