Open Discussion: Creating an Innovation Culture

October 29, 2020

WHen it comes to embedding innovation into your business, it's all about the culture. Innovation is everyone's job and this must be encouraged, facilitated and led by the leadership team. This discussion focusses on the importance of building an innovation culture and how to become truly disruptive.

Businesses in all sectors are being disrupted at an alarming rate. Some of the most notable legacy brands have succumbed to disruption and closed down because they maintained the status quo, did not think differently about their offer, and embrace the opportunities available to them as the digital revolution dominates industry, culture and how people purchase and consume products and services. If you are not thinking disruptively, and planning your future, you are at a very real risk of your business being disrupted, regardless of its size of success. But to be truly innovative, you must build a confident and active innovation culture.

Join us for this open and interactive discussion, where we will highlight why it's important to hire creative thinkers and how to arm colleagues with the tools and confidence to autonomously ideate, try and fail new concepts, and think differently about the business and their own role within it.

Having a strong innovation culture means the business has an opportunity to be truly disruptive. With regular innovation sessions, project trials, adoption of digital technology, and a new approach into how you deliver your value offer, your business can build a portfolio of innovations, new products, services and disruptive value offers to your consumer.


Rob Lewis, Edenic Group

Wayne Willis, Edenic Group

Jamie Del Grosso, Gravitas Group

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