Edenic Group named Official Innovation Partner for the Waterline Summit

May 17, 2020


Wayne Willis

Edenic Group are proud to be announced as Innovation Partner for the Waterline Summit. The flagship event, which takes place at the Bonus Arena on 28th November is part of a wider initiative called The Waterline, set up in partnership between Marketing Humber, Yorkshire Water and the University of Hull to tackle the effects of climate change, and leverage the commercial opportunities that can be created in the region by addressing the carbon agenda.

The Waterline is an ambitious campaign that sets to combine industry, academic expertise and R&D activity to demonstrate how decarbonisation can deliver both environmental sustainability and economic growth. The Humber is recognised as a high risk area in the UK for flooding due to rising sea levels and, without change, is in real danger of falling victim to the effects of climate change, which will impact residents and businesses alike. Based on Bill Gates’ 5 ‘grand challenges’ to tackle climate change, which include energy, manufacturing, agriculture, transport and buildings, the Humber is also recognised as one of the highest contributors to emissions in the UK across all 5 of the ‘grand challenges’.

However, with risk also comes opportunity. Our unique location in the world enables us to become a testbed for finding long term solutions to the climate crisis. The Humber is already becoming recognised as a core region for renewable energy, and it’s believed that we can leverage the opportunity of our location, as an estuary city, to develop even more commercial initiatives for the region whilst at the same time tackling the carbon agenda. The Waterline campaign is set up to address this challenge and unify the region in finding innovative and commercial projects that mark the Humber as pioneers in addressing climate change and bringing commercial advantages to the region as a result.

Edenic Group where chosen to kick off the exhibition with a presentation on innovation and disruptive thinking, and will also launch what is being dubbed as a ‘live lab’ initiative that will run throughout the exhibition. The summit space will be split into 5 zones to represent the 5 grand challenges, Edenic Group will facilitate interactive innovation ‘sprint’ sessions in each of the zones using the attendees and delegates to ideate concepts and solutions around each challenge. The aim will be to make the event an interactive and exciting innovation session, where the attendees immediately become part of the solution and are actively involved in having their say. 

Diana Taylor, Managing Director at Marketing Humber, said: “Edenic Group will help us to bring a more creative audience mindset to The Waterline Exhibition. Following their ten minute thought-provoking seminar, which aims to stimulate innovative thinking, Edenic will facilitate idea sharing within each of the five grand challenge exhibitions.

“This will allow us to grow and develop people’s ideas on ways we can address each of the five grand challenges. Edenic’s pioneering outlook will help us turn the summit into not just an exhibition, but a ‘living lab’ of audience-generated ideas which the Humber can carry forward as we aim for decarbonisation.”

The Waterline Summit is followed by a live debate with internationally renowned climate change keynote speaker Dr. Gabrielle Walker. It’s hoped that this inaugural event will be a catalyst and inspiration for the regions businesses and community to tackle the climate crisis head on, and mark the Humber as an innovation hub for tackling a global issue.

You can book tickets to The Waterline Summit and live debate, here.

About the author:

A former teacher, Wayne has gone on to head up several companies in the creative and technology sectors.