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A list of services and reports we can deliver for your project.

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UX and User Journey mapping.

With all new products, services and innovations, it's all about the user. If the user experience is not positive or the interface is clunky, the chances of success are vastly reduced. Our UX and User Journey service is set up to test and address these challenges. Our team will design the consumer journey with your offering to establish the best and most valuable experience. We'll provide you with a report and roadmap of the UX findings, making suggestions for a user journey that with make your project best-in-class and industry disruptive.

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Project Sprints and Roadmaps.

Our facilitated innovation sprint sessions are designed to develop quick disruptive ideas and solutions, and test their feasibility to achieve a pipeline of disruptive projects. Our sprint sessions are designed to remove barriers to innovation and find quick solutions that can be immediately delivered by the business. For defined projects, we use these sessions to produce an agile roadmap, directing the project through series of design, development and testing phases to ensure continuous improvement and advancement, and addressing projects barriers as they arise.

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BETA Testing and Benchmarking.

Our team have developed a robust testing framework which will identify any bugs or pain points with your idea, as well as providing you with industry benchmarking and disruption potential reports so you can gather all the information you need to launch your product or service with confidence. Our testing suite can be applied to prototypes, concepts or existing projects with equally powerful and comprehensive results.

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Disruption Reports.

The first step to avoiding disruption is to identify factors which can disrupt your business or organisation and understand the risks and effects of these factors. Our team can help build disruption resilience by identifying potential disruption factors and using our disruption scoring framework, provide insights on disruption potential, time frames, and probability scores. We'll provide you with a comprehensive report on potential disruptors on an internal, product, industry and global level to enable you to identify and reduce disruption risk to your brand.

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Focus Groups and Consumer Insights.

Get key insights through stakeholder engagement, focus groups and consumer insights to ensure that your product is appealing to your desired market , will be received well and highlight any consumer pain points before market release.

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