Virtual Projects.

Testing for digital products, software, apps and other non-physical services.

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Apps and consumer software.

In a digital-first landscape, where the reliance on smart phones, tablets and computers dominate society, the app and software development industry is crowded and highly competitive. For your product to cut through the noise in this arena, it needs to deliver real quality, value and stability to for user. Therefore, the need for robust BETA testing of software, before it goes to market is vital. Our team have years of experience working in this sector and using a suite of efficient tools, we can run your app or software through a stringent real world BETA testing programme, highlighting bugs, UX/UI issues, and areas for improvement before that all important release into the public domain.

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Enterprise level software and projects.

Enterprise Software is usually very bespoke and tailored to the clients needs, and has to be able compete with the many 'off-the-shelf' software alternatives that are usually available. To justify this investment, the product or project created needs to be flawless in terms of integration, user experience, ease, accuracy and stability. This is where robust BETA testing is a must. We are experienced in working on and with enterprise software and platforms within global organisations, and can perform in-depth BETA testing to ensure your product is set for client reveal.

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SaaS and pay-for-access projects.

Over the years, consumers have shown more affinity to subscription and SaaS (Software as a Service) business models. We can work with your organisartion to map out user journeys and ensure there is enough consumer value in your product to build a strong user base.

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Infrastructure, data or server-side projects.

Even if your project is not consumer facing and exists as a infrastructure, data or process service, it is imperative that it is reliable and addresses the needs of your consumers. Our team of developers and data engineers can ensure that your project offers value and quality to your end users.

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New and emerging technology projects.

When it comes to technology innovation and being first to market with a new tech product, it's all about impact. What problem does it address for the user, and is it easily, useable, accessible, fashionable and compatible with their everyday lives? Through our experienced and diverse team of innovation, technology and marketing network, we can run your product through a thorough BETA test to identify these parameters and highlight key areas for improvement that will enhance your projects success potential when it is launched to market.

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