About Edenic Labs.

About our team and core services.

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Our team.

The Edenic Labs team contains industry experts in the fields of innovation, digital development, technology, consumer goods, marketing, behavioral psychology, healthcare, finance and security. Alongside our team we also have an extensive network of industry experts in a wide range of sectors. Our teams have consulted and delivered projects for global clients and have a strong history of delivering successful projects.

Our Services.

Our team offer industry benchmarking, disruption reports, feasibility reports, BETA testing, suggested development roadmaps and expert insight to all our clients. All reports are accessible through a private web portal where you can see all your tested projects and resubmit projects for testing. All reports a private and confidential and will never be shared with third parties.

Human-first testing.

Our reports are all created with a human-first approach. We place a heavy emphasis on user experience and behavioral trends in the development of technology. As technology and digital products become more embedded in our lives, we believe we have a responsibility to consider this to ensure that technology allows for the advancement of humankind and not just the advancement of technology.

Disruptive thinking.

Edenic Labs is a subdivision of Edenic Group. As a group we dedicate ourselves to the education and implementation of our three core principles when working on any project; Be Disruptive, Embrace Digital and Think Differently. We embed these disruptive thinking principles into our testing and reporting services to ensure that your projects are not only market ready but are able to be market disruptors.

Edenic labs is a brand of the Edenic Group