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Physical Projects.

BETA testing services for hardware, appliances and other physical products.

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Lifestyle & Wearable Tech.

The ever growing and ever more saturated landscape of lifestyle and wearable tech continues to influence both consumer and industry behavior. Our team can provide comprehensive reports on disruption potential of your product, consumer trends in this arena and benchmark your idea against other players in the market.

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Entertainment and Media Tech.

More and more people rely on technology as a form of delivery or facilitation platform for entertainment. With such large and well-known incumbents in the arena, it is important to ensure that your platform, product or service delivers a high quality output and flawless user experience. Our team can help map out UX journeys and provide a series of robust reports on your projects potential.

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Health and Consumer Goods.

Our team have decades of experience working with global names to develop health and consumer products and bring them to market at scale. Our reports can help you identify claims, potential consumer response and plan routes to market for your project.

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IoT, Smart Home and Connected Tech.

Our team contains world-class IoT developers who have helped to plan, develop and launch a variety of IoT, connected and smart devices for a variety of industries. We can apply this knowledge to identify disruption potential, map out potential integration partners and help to plan out future ecosystem maps.

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General & Conceptual Products.

Regardless of your projects technology, industry or development phase. Our team have a suite of tools, tests and insights to help you deliver high quality products with confidence, consumer insights and potential consumer response.

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