Open Discussion: Leverage the power of digital technology for innovation and business growth

December 3, 2020

In a fast-evolving digital-led world, it’s important for businesses to understand the value and opportunity that can come from adopting digital solutions into their business environment. Digital adoption introduces new opportunities for innovation, new product development and overall agility to avoid disruption.

If businesses are to survive, grow, innovate and future-proof having an understanding of the opportunities that ICT and digital technologies provide is vital. As well as understanding the challenges and risks that come from having limited knowledge of the digital landscape.

Join us for this open discussion where we will provide an overview of the digital landscape and present key digital solutions that you should be considering and adopting in your business. We'll breakdown some of the technical jargon, buzzwords and myths around digital, and demonstrate how to utilise some prominent digital technologies in real-world commercial environments.


Rob Lewis, Edenic Group

Wayne Willis, Edenic Group

Jamie Del Grosso, Gravitas Group

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