Developing Your Innovation Culture Through Recruitment

Aura Innovation Centre, Bridgehead Business Park, Hessle, HU13 0GD

January 31, 2020

There is a lot of talk about being innovative and disruptive in industry at the moment but understanding of what this actually means is actually quite limited, especially among SMEs.

This event will help businesses from East Yorkshire and North Lincolnshire learn how to develop innovation culture in their organisation and how recruitment can support this.

Organised by Emmerson Kitney in partnership with Edenic Group and the Aura Innovation Centre, it will be held on Friday January 31 at the Aura Innovation Centre in the Bridgehead Business Park in Hessle.

As well as introducing the newly opened Aura Innovation Centre, it will be an opportunity to learn from Edenic Group about tailoring recruitment to attract and identify the most innovative talent, as well as harnessing their natural creativity in the first days and weeks after their appointment.

Edenic will give an insight into innovative and creative behaviours, and delegates will have the opportunity to take part in innovation “sprints” to help them begin to develop their own skills and behaviours which they can take back to their workplace.

For more information, call Joe at Emmerson Kitney on 01482 628808 or email

Order of business

8am – Coffee and networking

8.30am – Introduction

8.40am – About Aura Innovation Centre

9am – Getting The Innovation Culture Right – Rob Lewis, Wayne Willis and Jamie Del Grosso from Edenic Group

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