Campfire services for startups and innovators.

Showcase your capabilities, join a network of other innovators and work with established brands to develop new innovations.

Get seen, create and grow.

Campfire can help you get seen by the right brands, help you grow and make money. Our team of experienced innovation coaches will guide you through projects, growth plans, offer support with funding acquisition, provide expert insights and bring new opportunities.

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Expert support.

Our team of experts have worked with brands across the globe to develop innovations and disruptions across many industries. We can offer support in delivery, leadership and innovation to help elevate your capabilities and growth.

New opportunities.

Find new opportunities and attract larger brands and organisations to showcase your capabilities to. Grow your income and your startup with well known names.

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Be part of a larger innovation and start up network to collaborate, share ideas and support your growth. Increase your reach, capabilities and speed up your growth.

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Campfire brings businesses together with startups and innovators to build incubators, disruptive project teams and develop innovation programs.

Campfire is a service by global innovation consultancy, Edenic Group.

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