Campfire services for hosts and building owners.

Turn your space into a hub for innovation, attract new members and brands to your space and generate more income.

Increase revenue and attract new opportunities.

Become a Campfire Host and our team of expert innovation consultant can help you turn your building or space into an attractive proposition for startups, innovators and brands looking to innovate. We manage the innovation hub allowing you to bring in new revenue and new opportunities without the hassle.

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Put your space on the map.

Make your space a hub of innovation and disruptive thinking, allowing you to create press-worthy stories, attract new opportunities and create something for people to talk about.

Attract new opportunities.

We can help you attract the right talent for your space and partner this with brands to create a healthy internal ecosystem which continues to grow.

Increase revenue.

Generate more revenue from memberships, sponsorships and profit-shares from projects to create a healthy and growing ROI for your space.

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Campfire brings businesses together with startups and innovators to build incubators, disruptive project teams and develop innovation programs.

Campfire is a service by global innovation consultancy, Edenic Group.

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