Campfire services for Businesses and organisations.

Discover new ideas, bring fresh thinking to your innovation strategies and develop disruptive ideas without the risk or cost.

Low cost, low risk innovation for your organisation.

Successful innovation can be costly and high-risk. Finding and hiring the right talent or reallocating business critical resources isn't the only way to develop true disruptive ideas. Our team can help you build incubators, run innovation projects and discover new tech, talent and ideas, all managed by our team of experienced innovation experts.

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Build an incubator.

Create your own innovation incubator to create a continual flow of ideas and an "always on" innovation strategy for your brand. Our team can help with finding the right host, attracting the right talent and facilitating ideas to address your innovation goals and vision.

Create an innovation program.

Got a big challenge you want to address? Create an open innovation project and our team can facilitate attracting talent and developing concepts from our innovation network to provide you with disruptive solutions to any challenge without the cost or risk.

Scope new tech, talent and ideas.

Campfire can help scope out and showcase new tech, talent and ideas for your brand so you can see potential innovation opportunities quicker and in a more cost effective way.

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Campfire brings businesses together with startups and innovators to build incubators, disruptive project teams and develop innovation programs.

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