Patrick Pretorius

Consultant - Digital, Tech, Training, Creative

Patrick is a successful producer, project manager, creative engineer and educator.

With over 20 years working in the music industry as a sound engineer, producer, musician and studio owner, coupled with his experience working on some of the world's most famous motion pictures, as an editor at the infamous, Shepperton Film Studios, Patrick’s creative insight and influence is wide and varied. 

Asa successful entrepreneur and owner of several companies and a former teacher,Patrick brings unique insight to creative and commercial projects. His understanding of people and their natural movements and reactions to new ideas means he can bring extraordinary influence to projects that require innovative thinking and disruptive ideas.

More recently, Patrick has expressed an active interest in data analysis and understanding the science behind the headlines when it comes to world affairs, the economy and climate change. Actively working on IBM data qualifications and combining this with live work “in the field”, Patrick hopes to use his findings and understanding of data and advancing technology to help solve some of the world’s key challenges.

Patrick is also a huge advocate of social mobility, environmental and community engagement projects, and offers a positive insight into how these important topics can be adopted or enhanced by businesses to have a greater impact on improving peoples' lives.

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