Lucy Blackley

Product Development Consultant

Lucy Blackley is the founder and director of award winning software solution, Bombyx PLM. She has been in the product development industry for over 12 years, and her area of product expertise prior to her transition to technology and change management were apparel, footwear, and accessories.

Lucy has held several senior leadership roles in product development, and has worked globally for several major retailers. Today, Lucy's mission is to open up the market and scrap the notion of PLM being a luxury only for the bigger corporations. She wants startups and SME's to also benefit from a PLM that works as a product design industry would expect Bombyx PLM enables all companies to be able to streamline their processes and focus on their innovations by having the right tools in place to aid them in scaling and enhancing their working culture and environment.

Lucy has vast experience in product development, change management, and technology development.

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