Elliot Dixon

Marketing Consultant

Elliot has worked in a variety of sectors from packaging to medical and is currently involved in the automotive and superyacht sectors. His role is currently split between two companies, both of which have benefited from his involvement, one an automotive garage with a specialist classic car area has grown so much that the company has now moved to new larger purpose-built premises. This has come from embracing digital including setting up consistent digital sales channels, utilising video tours to reduce perceived risk, defining brand guidelines and set description templates. In 24 weeks of his involvement, the business has made 70% of the full 2019 turnover and already surpassed the 2018 turnover (both 2018 and 2019 included both garage services and classic car sales) in classic car sales alone. He has implemented a new garage system after redesigning the website, implementing online booking and automated reminders to help drive repeat custom.

His other business is a superyacht technology consultancy, he has redesigned the old outdated website to a new more premium website, entered a new segment of key influencers, and the company has seen a significant increase in news outlets approaching them for input into articles and speaking at various superyacht related events.

Prior to this, he was at a FTSE100 medical device company, during his time he put forward numerous business cases for new segments for the ‘heritage’ portfolio he managed. His most notable achievements came from securing a £500k per year contract after working out how to enter a segment previously inaccessible by the company for 5 years. Additionally, at 23 years old his regional strategy for a $44m per year product became the global strategy for the brand after successfully pitching to the global senior leadership.

Elliot’s personality profile is a creative analytic making him well suited to business and marketing strategy. His focus is ensuring the foundations are in place to build for the future – you can’t build a house on cracked foundations.  

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